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Resident Artists

Along with our beloved Sweet T, there are a select few other artists that provide equally beautiful and fantastic services. Below are the details about them and their works!



         Yoo, it's nice to meet y'all, the name's Juju. So a bit about me, well I've always been into art, even as early as seven years old. It just took a bit of observing simple cartoons on TV that got me into the nick of drawing, I even had my dad draw me all sorts of stuff because of how cool drawing was to me, and since then I've been on practicing and practicing drawing on my own. And I can honestly say I'm pretty proud of my skills, and worked up my craft, wanting to share with the world. I looked into tattooing because I always loved how tattoos can allow someone to express themselves without any words. Being able to help people achieve that, would be hella dope.

            So I've applied and applied, and eventually got an apprenticeship, under my dope ass mentor Dougie, and then joined Sweet T's Tattoo Shop. I've been an apprentice for about almost 4 months now, and I can for sure say it's been an absolute blessing. Under such an amount of time, I've learned a lot from my mentor and crew (Which I'm eternally grateful for because this is the first time ever having any sort of artists mentor me), and I've felt each of their burning passion and love for tattooing. And so I've never been more determined, and will continue to keep working hard, and soon I'd love to share my art with you all, so yeah! Much love!

Juju's Works


Bruno's Works

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