So now that you know the prices, and looked at the Gallery, you're ready to set an appointment with me, so to the right is a form, please fill out all required areas before sending me an email.

Please regard it can take time for me to respond to it so don't think you are going to be forgotten.


Also note that we will speak more on pricing, but for now please refer to the table below for the prices for any of the high quality tattoos you can get.

Basic Pricing Chart

Linework Only

An art style that is interesting to look at, and can leave you staring for hours at the intricacy of it. If you like abstract looking arts, this is the way to go.

$100 per hour

Realism (Black and Grey)

This is an art style that is photo realistic and looks usually like you could touch it and it would feel like it looks. 

$100 per hour

Neo Traditional

A modern variation of the old school tattoo style, and it looks amazing! Definitely check it out if you like cool looking tattoos like the one to the left.

$120 per hour

Full Color Realism

This is basically the equivalent of putting a photograph on your arm and showing it off to people while still being able to take a shower.

$120 per hour

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