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Alias: Sweet T

Age: You're funny

Lives in: Las Vegas, NV

The nick-name originated from the first letter of her real name, and her general personality when presenting herself to others. Sweet T, something that just sounded right, is now a means for her to express herself artistically. Another reason she adores the name.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sweet T has been an artist for a majority of her life. She always dreamed of being able to create art as a career, since its always been something she excelled at. Tattoos was something she had interest in, but she didn't initially know that was the path she would take. It took determination and skill to eventually make a brand for herself as a tattoo artist, but once she finally got her foot in the door, she could truly see her potential in the industry.


The Red Head started her career small like most artists, but rose in popularity quickly due to her skill and passion. In every tattoo she creates she puts meticulous detail into them. The detail and personality she pours into each tattoo brings them to life, making them that much more special.

Sweet T currently runs her own shop (Sweet T's Tattoos) where she features 2 other artists currently. One day she does plan on expanding to locations outside Vegas despite her love for the city of sins. 

Sweet T posing with her chevelle

Along with tattoos, Sweet T has done many things to express herself artistically. She has done photoshoots as well which can be found here:

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